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Corwen Walking Festival 2017

With the annual Corwen Walking Festival taking place over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of September, I thought it might be a good idea to be proactive on my lazy Sunday and go along to one of the many walks that were on offer (and drag along my sister for the day).

This is a short blog sharing our experience with you of the day and its activities.

“A little rain never hurt anyone”…

Following a beautiful day on the Saturday, where we were told that most walks were well attended, unfortunately we had picked the day when the sunshine was having a lazy Sunday and the rain had woken up early. However this didn’t hinder the warm welcome we received by all the staff and volunteers working at the event. We were greeted at the event and were told that we needed to sign in at the Sports Pavilion.

Outside the pavilion Cotswolds Outdoor, sponsors of the event, had set up a mini shop of adventure clothing so if you forgot to bring anything with you then they could sort you out. Luckily we had packed everything the night before and were ready for our adventure.


After a little browse we headed inside to sign in and were greeted by the lovely volunteers who signed us into our walk and introduced us to our walk leader, Paul. Whilst waiting for all other walkers to arrive we had a look around and there were refreshments and drinks on offer for all walkers to have before going on their walks. We had packed a little lunch with us and so didn’t have anything before starting but the cakes were tempting!

When all walkers had arrived Paul gave a little talk on the walk and uttered the words that all adventurers say ‘A little rain never hurt anyone’ then he said that we were ready to go.

Walk 15 – The Dee Valley Way

We were taken on mini buses up to the start of our walk and all were glad that the bus was doing most of the ascent work for us. The drivers were brilliant as they made the journey as comfortable as possible and answered any questions that the walkers had.

Once we arrived we hopped off the bus and were greeted with the wind and rain of Denbighshire. Our walk leader quickly gathered everyone and led us on the path back to Corwen. We were doing Walk 15 of the festival which was the Dee Valley way which usually started at Llangollen and then finished at Corwen, however the decision was made to only complete half the walk because of the weather (all within the group were relieved!).


The wind and rain made it hard to see the views of the area but as we walked down the mountain the mist cleared and the rain passed, opening up the views of the Dee Valley. The views of the valley really made waking up that morning worth it and Paul was on hand to answer questions about the area. The walk took us over mountains, through forests and down through the little village of Carrog which had a great view of the Llangollen bound train steaming through the Denbighshire countryside.


The walk took around 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete and was a total of 8 miles long (which was plenty enough) and the walk really made us appreciate the beauty of the Dee Valley.


From booking your walk on the Corwen Walking Festival website through to the walk itself the organisers and volunteers do a great job of making sure that you get the best experience possible on your walk. All the walks are well explained and the massive variety of walks cater to different skill levels and fitness levels so the event can be attended by the young and old, and challenges even the most experienced walkers.

If you are a keen walker or just starting out, the Corwen Walking Festival is the perfect all round walking experience for you.

Next year’s festival will be held over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of September 2018.


Find out more on their website:

Facebook: @corwenwalks

Twitter: @Corwenwalks


BIG thank you to my sister for waking up and for tagging along!

Iwan Davies (DCC Tourism Officer)

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